Sugar isn’t so sweet

So this morning, I logged on to my computer and opened up internet explorer. The home page is And you know how they always have stories or topics on the home page? Well this morning, one of the stories caught my eye. It was about sugar. And we all know how bad sugar is… even though we do love it sometimes!

The story consisted of 6 side effects that sugar has on our bodies, and how bad those side effects can really be. Guess what the 6 effects included?

1.       May increase your risk of diabetes

2.      May cause acne

3.      Can hurt your heart

4.      Increase your chances of depression

5.      Increase your risk of a yeast infection

6.      Increase your risk of cancer

Yikes…What do you think of that list? Are you surprised at any of those?

I knew sugar wasn’t something that was good for you, but cancer? Really? That is scary!

If you want to read more about the article, check it out here!

Have you found out any news (good or bad) about the foods you’re eating??

See ya this afternoon! :-)

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